Interior Design Course Reviews

Safa Jaouachi

I have dreamt of the moment I get a chance to switch careers, and this course gave me the start and push I so much needed.

I am very proud to say that today, thanks to IDI, I do have the basic knowledge of an interior designer, and I cannot wait to develop my knowledge and polish my skills and make this dream come true.

Thank you! πŸ™πŸΌ

Georgiana Draghici

The Interior Design Institute course was an amazing journey!

I enjoyed it so much, and it was an important hands-on learning experience for my career path. The information provided was very clear and easy to follow. There was a practical task at the end of each module that offered the chance to apply the theory by completing the corresponding assignment.

I really appreciated the feedback and recommendations from my personal tutor, who guided me to improve my skills. Despite being an online course, the dedicated Facebook group is a very active community, allowing students from all over the world to interact, exchange ideas or even find study groups.

I would definitely recommend this course!


AnΓ©l du Plessis

Enrolling in this course was one of the best decisions that I have made!

It has opened so many doors and gave me a solid foundation as a start-up interior designer. It gave me the confidence to stand on my own feet in the industry, and I have gained valuable skills.

The course was incredibly interesting, informative, and with a good balance of theory and practical knowledge. My tutor, the Facebook group, and the Student Support team were amazing - they provided such an astounding amount of support. You never feel overwhelmed with an extraordinary group of people who are so supportive.

Thank you to everyone who made my journey with The Interior Design Institute a memorable and phenomenal time that I am forever grateful for!

Shahza Amina Siya

Choosing this course was one of the best and most productive decisions I have made.

If you're interested in Art, Architecture and Design, you have come to the right place.

In my personal opinion, this is the best Diploma course you can find online, because this course is easy, fast, enjoyable and convenient.

I've had a lot of fun during the journey and my tutor was helpful throughout the course.

I consider this course as a stepping stone to further my career. I'm going to do a course in AutoCAD and I aim make Interior Design my full time career option.

In other words, I thoroughly enjoyed this course!

Anastassiya Matsenko

I loved this course!

This course gives a lot of knowledge, understanding about the Industry, an amazing opportunity to put your self to Interior Designer shoes & actually feel it. I would recommend this course to anyone who would like to try yourself in this field or just do it as a hobby.

Thank you for the journey! I am confident to start my own path now!


Rio Caballero Reambillo

My journey has been really great!

The assignments were demanding but very strategically formulated!

I loved this course and would 10 out of 10 recommend it to anyone who wants to delve into interior design!

Robyn Mccormack

The Interior Design Institute provided a great framework for my first studies in the area of Interior Design and Decorating. The course instilled me with the confidence to start my own business and commit my career to the design industry.

I finished with renewed passion for the industry and a keen attitude to get in there and do it.

The tutors responded to my questions and delivered results promptly and consistently. The course covers all the necessary elements about Interior Design so you can get a feel for what areas will suit you best.

The online component makes the work easy and stress free. Going at your own pace means that you can study as much or as little as you like to complete your assignments in the timeframe that suits your lifestyle.

I recommend the course to anyone who is looking for that kick- start in a new career or a great guide to improving your own home as a hobby. I've already started my own business!

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